Rules for

To get as many points as possible!

How to play:
Score points by clicking and thus detonating unassuming like-colored blocks that are in clusters (adjacent in any direction). But they have to be in groupings of three or more! The explosion will collapse the structure above onto what remains below. Larger groupings mean more points and very large groupings earn bonuses to compound your score further!

To move on to the next level of play, you must survive the advance of the indicated number of lines for the level you are on. Upon completion of the level, cleared brick areas receive points and there are even bigger bonuses for cleared rows at the top. Play speeds up during and between each level.

Special bonuses:
Clicking on happy color bombs, when they appear, will detonate all like-colored blocks in the game area. Clicking on an evil black cluster bomb will explode the area surrounding it. Sometimes that's a good thing! Then again, determine your own strategy...

Use the Mouse to click on the rising blocks and bombs.